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Nothing’s better than a hearty breakfast to give you a great start to your day. If eating cereal with cold milk in a hurry is not to your taste, then why not try out some of these breakfast joints in Brooklyn?

  • Tom’s Restaurant on Washington Ave.

The name seems rather common place, but don’t be mistaken about the breakfast here. Watch out for the fluffy pancakes, you’ll love them so much you’ll eat more than you should simply because they’re so delicious. Anyone will tell you about the pancakes at Tom’s restaurant, but it the choice that will get you. You can choose from cranberry pancakes, pumpkin walnut, classic chocolate chip, silver dollar, banana walnut, lemon ricotta and much more.

The world of pancakes shall be revealed to you over here. If you wish, you can even choose to have breakfast during lunch.

  • Le Barricou on Grand Street


This authentic French bistro will offer you some delicacy breakfast dishes that will get you hooked. From the conventional eggs Florentine to the unique Apple omelettes, from duck hash to pancakes, the place will give you a variety of breakfast dishes to choose from.

This place is known for its brunch, so you know you won’t get disappointed when so many people frequent this place looking to get a tasty start to their day.

  • Okonomi on Ainslie Street

Whoever said that breakfast only had to be egg and pancakes? If you’re looking for a change in your eating schedule or are simply looking for a change in cuisine, head to Okonomi. They serve beautiful Japanese inspired traditional breakfasts for only $12. You can partake of a side of brown rice topped with fresh uni and an Onsen egg. Even the ramen is absolutely yummy. As many patrons have stated, ‘the Japanese breakfast here is perfect’.

  • Court Street Grocers on Court Street

Whatever happened to the quintessential breakfast sandwich? A run and go type of a breakfast where you can eat as you travel. Located on Court Street, you can try out the sandwiches from Court Street Grocer. They change seasonally so you know what you see at one time may not be available the next and always check out any Specials they may be having. The Monte Cristo special seems to be one of the top favorites – perhaps because it has French toast bread.

  • Buttermilk channel on Court street

Be prepared to have a long wait. Instead of singing for your supper, you’ll be waiting for your brekker. If you’re there on Sunday thinking you’ll get seated immediately, be prepared for an hour’s wait. Come early and get your name on the list and hopefully you won’t have a long wait.


Ask for the fried pork chop and waffles, pancakes, Bellini, pecan French toast or biscuits. Not only is the food a great draw, but the décor and the friendly staff ensure that you keep coming back.

  • Rabbithole on Bedford Ave.

“You stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.” If you stay near Bedford Avenue or don’t mind a bit of travel to get to this place, you can find out exactly just how lovely the rabbithole actually is. Try out the French toast with their homemade mascarpone which has a sweet buttercream taste that pairs beautifully with their French toast. If you like egg, you can try out one of their many varieties like egg Florentine, Eggs Benedict or poached eggs with Hollandaise.

It is considered to be the best in the area and the amount of reviews on many websites suggests that the patrons do believe so.