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If you’ve got the dollars in your bank and you’re looking for a good time or you simply enjoy fine dining, there’s no better place than New York to sample the best dishes in the world, no matter which cuisine you prefer. Welcome to Brooklyn, the area within New York which will capture your foodie heart like no other city can,

with its wide variety of upscale restaurants that will guarantee to show you a good time as well as leave your stomach happy and satisfied.

  • The River Café

Located in Water St, Brooklyn, this upscale restaurant lies in prime real estate offering patrons a spectacular view of the Manhattan skyline. What better way to have a nice evening out than to watch a sunset over the Manhattan skyline accompanied with delicious fine dining? You’ll see people dressed up to the nines – no slouchy flip flops and dirty clothes will be seen here – this is upscale dining at its finest and the patrons dress the part. With professional service from the staff,

exceptional quality of food and spectacular views, this is the perfect place to go if you are looking to celebrate a special occasion.

  • Prospect

Located on Fulton Street, this place has great vibes, cocktails and friendly service if you’re looking for a new place for your dinner date. They do have a $65 tasting menu that is absolutely worth its value and the happy hour is great because of the pricing. With an intimate ambience and the quaint décor to make you feel that you’re in your own little private dinner place, Prospect is a place that you will be glad you discovered and will be glad to return there again. It serves great drinks and many patrons absolutely rave about this place. The chef pays special attention to certain requests and this place will leave you happy and your belly content.

  • Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare

This restaurant may be able to seat only a limited number of people, but the raving reviews have a long waiting list for people to get a reservation here. You may have to call a hundred times to get a spot, but all the effort and waiting is worth it. You can watch the chef at work as they diligently prepare your food – this means you always know that your meal is always prepared fresh as well as it is entertaining to watch them work their culinary magic. From visual masterpieces to mouthwatering dishes, the chefs definitely know what they’re doing – and that’s what makes this place so worth it. With an ever changing menu, you can never get bored at this place and if you think you can take pictures of your dishes for memory’s sake,

well you’ll only have your memory to serve you because taking pictures is not allowed. With the intimate seating and personable staff, you’ll want to keep going back even though it will take you nearly a hundred calls to get in.

  • The Water Table

Looking for a different dining experience will lead you to the Water Table. Go for a cruise as well as dine in an intimate setting. Think of being away from the bustling city noises and have a great view of the skyline as well as the Statue of Liberty form your boat. With 4 servers handling only 30 guests, you can be sure that you will be attended to, and promptly. Most people appreciate the boat ride as the primary point of pleasure but the food comes as a nice surprise. It’s not the typical run-of-the-mill dining that you might expect,

but it’s one with a twist that will leave you appreciative of the cruise as well as the food even though some may call it pricy at $80 along with the chance of a wait for the boat to arrive.


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