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New York is like the center of many things in the world, you’ll find the financial capital with Wall Street located in Manhattan, the famous Central Park where you will find concerts or events being held regularly and let’s not even talk about the food! With such a huge population of mixed cultures, it’s natural that there would be many restaurants that have been established that make mouth watering dishes.

Just Brooklyn in New York has some of the choicest places to eat. If you live in the area, just head over to some of these places listed here to get your slice of heaven.

  • Roberta’s

This pizzeria has grown leaps and bounds in the three years since it opened its doors. From being an under-the radar- pizzeria with no liquor license or menu, it has now become a place loved by foodies. It is well known in the Brooklyn area and beyond for its scrumplicious pizzas. But you’d be mistaken to think that the menu of this place doesn’t go beyond that. You can try out the braised tripe, sweetbreads with taleggio, pork chops and more – just call ahead of time for the tasting menu if you want to try it out.  Located off route, it sits in an off-site rooftop farm, has a catering arm and even has an in-house radio station. Talk about culinary cool – but be prepared for the crowds if you decide to head there during the weekends.

  • Beer Table

Not only do you get a wide selection of beers which makes it a popular hangout, but the food there is commendable too. There are the conventional up-market bar snacks like ricotta on toast, pickled eggs and more, but the menu extends to a three course dinner menu and an excellent cheese list. The food is worth its value and it is affordable as compared to other places in the area. You get good helpings which helps to balance out the costs of the alcohol as the special imported microbrews can get on the pricy side.

  • Mile End

Located Boerum Hill, this place serves delicious Jewish delicatessen fare that will make you wish it could accommodate more than its 20 seating capacity. Whether you come by for lunch or you drop in for dinner, there are various mouthwatering dishes to be had.

Try the chicken salad topped with either smoked mackerel or chicken skin or try out veal terrine, cholent and a variety of traditional Jewish dishes with a taste twist.

  • Pacificana

Head to the Chinatown of Brooklyn which is Borough Park to sample top of the line Chinese food. It attracts hordes of foodies during peak dim sum hours over the weekends so if you want a bite to eat, you should try coming by on a less busy time. However, it is worth coming there on the weekends just to experience the hustle and the bustle of the busy hours. Pacificana is eight years old and still running strong and people come there from all over the city to sample one its many dishes served from the carts like shrimp rolls, congee, dumplings and more.

  • Good Fork

Away from the hustle and bustle of Brooklyn is a small restaurant tucked away in the neighborhood of Red Hook. Many New Yorkers love coming to this isolated neighborhood because well, it’s isolated. New York can get very hum drum and active, and to get a bit of peace and quiet while having a bite to eat s a luxury. Lack of public transport and with the area being surrounded by water on nearly all sides, this environment has proved to be the perfect recipe for allowing well loved neighborhood businesses to grow. This restaurant gives American food an

Asian twist to keep you coming back for more like their ‘Korean’ style steak and eggs, kimchi strudel with shitake or their burger or homemade pasta.

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