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Street Food is the best anywhere and anyone can attest to that fact that food from food trucks sometimes tastes the best. Perhaps it’s because you’re hungry and those are conveniently located for you to have a quick bite when you’re famished without paying a bomb or they’re actually the best in terms of taste, but here are a few food trucks that have gained quite a reputation in Brooklyn for dishing out the best foods.

So wait no longer, head there now – these food trucks are waiting to give you a slice of heaven to go.

  • Hard Times Sundaes

You’ll find this on 58th Street and to tell you just how good it is, it was a finalist in the 2015 Vendy Awards. The Vendy Awards are awards dished out to the best street vendors in NY. Now you know just how big New York really is, so to be considered as a finalist is high praise indeed and a testament to the great food available here. What has got people raving about this food truck is the bacon cheeseburger that is coked quickly due to its thin diner style patty size which means you get served your dish as fast as possible so

your hungry stomach is not kept waiting for too long. Topped with heavenly bacon as well as American cheese that is the staples of this burger business.

  • Tacos El Bronco

If you’re hungry and you’re somewhere near 37th Street (5th Avenue) you should head over to this food truck because it will put all other foods to shame. If you’re a vegetarian, you should walk away but if you’re a meat lover, then you’ll be in meat bliss. This is probably the best tacos in New York City and has all the original flavor of the authentic taco. This is the real deal and the delicious tacos are not to be missed.

  • Carpe Donut NYC

The saying goes Carpe Diem, meaning seize the day and if you’re anywhere near this food truck and have a sweet tooth, you should definitely seize one donut in the very least. The hot regular donuts are the big draw and it attracts people from all over the city. If you’re looking for something different, you could try out the Ice cream sandwich, but our recommendation will be to go for the tried and tested and absolutely loved route of the regular donut.

  • The Steel Cart

You want real food then this is the place. Order in your solid grits topped with Gouda, bacon, kale and fried egg. If you want a healthier option you can opt for the amazing oatmeal with the banana foster or apple crumble topping.  You won’t be disappointed.

  • El Olomega

You’ll find this on Bay Street and Clinton Street and the pupusas can be made to order with pork and cheese included. Get some salsa, sour cream and pickled cabbage thrown in and you’ve got deliciousness in every bite. Its spring/ summer right no so the chances are pretty high of finding this food truck at the Red Hook Ball Fields.

  • Tacos Morelos

On Bedford Avenue, this is reputed to serve up some of the best tacos in the city. It is also the winner of Best Taco in the Village Voice 2011 Best of Issue. From hand patted tortillas to carnitas, barbacoas and carne enchiladas, these dished inspire battles as some patrons have stated that they would fight someone over them.

With the carne enchilada torta being a well priced $6, this flavorful bomb is a real value deal.

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