Food is a topic that can charge anyone up – no matter how lazy you are. After all, you have to eat. Whether your motto is you eat to live or live to eat, you need to eat – period.  And there’s no fun in just about eating to stay alive, if you know what I mean. If you’re gonna eat, you may as well eat WELL. Eat yummy foods

– and what’s better than to learn more about the places, locations and the history of the neighborhood of local eateries.

The Brooklyn Food Tour involves you feasting on delicious dishes from local eateries located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. You get to learn about the history of the restaurants and food joints, walk around to enjoy the local art which include large scaled street art and the best thing of all, you get to have an excellent view of the New York City skyline. This is a great way to spend an afternoon where incredible food is prepared for you and this tour will make sure that you experience and taste Williamsburg like a local by the time you’re done.

The tour begins at the Bedford Avenue L subway stop which is only four minutes away from Manhattan and the minute the tour starts, the eating commences. It is called a food tour for a reason. You get to see the best of the old and new sections of Williamsburg and the eateries that are visited as part of the tour include Northside Bakery where you can sample traditional Polish baked treats like pierogis, Best Pizza, Momofoku Milk Bar,

The Bagel Store, Pies and Thighs, The Bagel Store, Odd Fellows Ice Cream, Mast Brothers Chocolate Factory ad Pudge Knuckles Coffee.

As you can see, the progression of the tour ensures that you have starters, a good hearty meal followed by various desserts and you can top it all with an incredible coffee stop where you learn about coffee and get special tastings too. Although the tour runs every Saturday a special tour can be created to be run any time of the week. Be prepared for some walking to not only eat your way through Williamsburg, but also to walk off the food you’ve eaten so you’re ready for the next session of sampling. With just about three hours of walking over a distance of two miles and with seven samplings, you know you’re in for a foodie feast!

Of course, water will be provided constantly throughout the tour and it is recommended you come prepared for the tour with a good comfortable pair of walking shoes because walking for three hours in heels will be no picnic. There have been some great reviews about the food tour with some people saying that this tour provided a great way to experience what Brooklyn has to offer like a local. You get to see the local sights, the best local foods while learning more about the place itself.

There are not many tours that offer such insight into the local food history and heritage of the place itself. This is why a food tour is so unique. You are almost guaranteed to walk away from the your with a good experience of it. How could you not? There’s food, information, sightseeing at the same time.

You get to see a side of Brooklyn that only locals are privileged to see – that puts you in a better spot that most tourists or even some locals. This tour comes highly recommended for people who love to indulge their appetites with authentic, great local food.