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Any city will have its share of iconic restaurants – places where people absolutely rave about, places where the reputation precedes it and places where the décor or the cuisine is to die for. The following restaurants are deemed to be amongst the top bets restaurants in Brooklyn and are also considered to the top iconic ones in the area.

So if you’re around any of these places, head over there to get your taste buds tingling and your belly filled and content.

  • The Islands

There are various kinds of restaurants in any city – ones where you are guaranteed to spend your month’s salary, ones where the atmosphere is uptight and snobbish, where you have to dress to impress and then there are restaurants where you can let your hair down so to speak and enjoy the food for what it is – great, delicious unpretentious food. This is such a place – where you can expect to be seated and get a filling meal full of flavor in a vibrant setting.

Located in Crown Heights, you can eat a wholesome healthy meal of rice and peas, vegetable curry and oxtail stew for $10. With this price point, great food and casual ambience, The Islands is a place that will like a second kitchen.

  • Ferdinando’s Focacceria

Located in a quiet corner of Union Street Block on the border of Red Hook and Carroll Gardens, Ferdinando’s Focacceria is an Italian restaurant that is more than a hundred years old. It has been serving up its authentic Sicilian specialties for decades and you should definitely try out Arancina which is rice balls filled with spicy chopped meat, peas and a smidgeon of sauce. Priced at a very reasonable $3.50, you can upgrade yourself for the Arancina special which comes with dollops of cheese and tomato sauce. Other well known specialties of this restaurant are Vestedda which is a sandwich of spleen, grated cheese ad ricotta on a freshly baked roll and Pasta con Sarde, pasta which has pine nuts, sardines, raisins and wild fennel. Before you think it sounds very strange, trust us on this, it will be something your stomach will thank us for. After all, there’s a reason they’ve been going string since 1904. Visit this place for a touch of old Brooklyn authenticism, cultural tourism as well as an invaluable history lesson.

  • Franny’s

How can a pizzeria not be included in this list? Everyone loves pizza – and a good pizza is even rarer and more loved. It’s no oldie goldie like Ferdinando’s Focacceria, but this relatively newcomer can dish up the meanest pizza you’ve ever had. Opened in 2004 by Andrew Steinberg and Francine Stephens, this restaurant is located on Flatbrush Avenue and attracts a fair share of people. In the short span of time it’s been operational, it’s come to represent what a true Brooklyn pizzeria should really be. Sample their perfect pastas, excellent pizzas, renowned clam pies or their classic Margheritas.

Recently having moved from their 32 seating location in Prospect Heights to their spacious location which can seat nearly three times the number, it has also expanded its menu and wine list. They can now boast of two wood burning pizza ovens to get their patrons freshly baked hot-off-the-oven pizzas to a bigger bar to accommodate the people who are looking to have a sip or two of a few drinks.

This place may not be your conventional pizzeria and may not conjure up typical images that would come to mind when you think of a pizzeria, it definitely has become an iconic part of the Brooklyn image.

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