Q : What makes Brooklyn such a great place for finding the perfect eating spots?
Brooklyn is the lifeblood of New York. Many people would disagree and it is just a matter of opinion, but Brooklyners will stand by their area. Being a place of many cultures and people from different countries has made this place a melting pot for delicious dishes. There are many restaurants and eating joints that can be traced back more than a hundred years and there are new food places that are new to the area but are fast making a name for themselves. Whether you want authentic Chinese food or the original Sicilian pasta, the typical American burger or a nice place to use fine cutlery, Brooklyn will have it for you.

  1. Is it expensive to eat in Brooklyn?

As with any city area, you will find a range of eateries that could cost you an arm and a leg to eat in or you could eat to your heart’s content without breaking your bank. You just need to know where to go and the type of cuisine those places offer. It is best if you go through our blog to know more eating joints in Brooklyn. We’ll even tell you approximately how much you could spending in the place which is great as it gives you a heads up of what to expect before you head out there.

  1. Is there a quick way to know more about the area and sample the food in a short time?

Yes, you can take a food tour. It could cost you as little as $50, but these prices can range from your location, which food tour you decide to take, the amount of stops you make and more. There is a food tour that is conducted in Williamsburg in Brooklyn that allows tourists to see the area as locals and try out some of the best and well known eateries in the area ranging from starters to savoury and sweet. In this particular food tour, you have to walk a distance of two miles but it is covered over a three hour period which allows you to really take in the sights which includes a spectacular view of the Manhattan skyline.

  1. I am quite particular about my food, will I be able to survive in Brooklyn in terms of food?

If you are half as particular about food as I am, you’ll do fine in Brooklyn. No matter if you’re longing for Chinese food or you eat only authentic traditional Japanese food, there’s a restaurant for you. Brooklyn is a famous part of New York City and NYC is one of the busiest and biggest cities in the world which means that will be no dearth of customers for even the most random or unique foods.

  1. Can I eat a wholesome meal for less than $5?

Eating for five dollars is a steal deal and there are many places that will offer you good food that will leave you satisfied for that amount. Just go to our blogs to know about such places.