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What’s the most American food you can think of? Steaks, yes. But hamburgers are the quintessential food that most Americans and the world have come to associate with the US. So when it comes to fast food and burgers, it makes us wonder which places in Brooklyn offers the best burgers this side of the Atlantic. With so many burger joints popping up, separating the authentic from the fake has become tougher as most people eat what is most convenient, but the matter of taste still remains

– here are the places we feel that offer the best burgers in Brooklyn, NY and make spectacular burgers that make your mouth water.

  • Thistle Hill

Located in Park Slope, Thistle Hill is known for its organic, grass-fed beef patty that seems to be cooked to perfection every single time you go there. To add that little touch of something extra, it is served on a yummy squishy potato roll. Add a layer of cheese to this concoction with a few strips of crisp bacon and you’ve got yourself a rich burger that will reveal yummy insides of sour pickles, juicy tomatoes and fresh green lettuce. Order salt and pepper fries as a side and you’re good to go!

  • Brooklyn Beet Company

The name may not seem too appealing, but this nontraditional burger is the perfect example when chefs take the route least taken. You end up with something unique but as tasty as anything. Think of a juicy, medium rare patty that is nestled inside lángos which is a fried Hungarian flatbread. Throw in some Emmentaler cheese that melts over the patty, thick slices of bacon,

tart pickles and beer mustard (yes, you heard correctly) along with a healthy dollop of the restaurant’s secret beet ketchup and you’ll be in for a gastronomic delight.

  • Sea Witch Tavern

This place is accessible by the R train as well as it is one of the most affordable burgers on the list at only $6.50. What makes it noteworthy is the three different meat blends used – brisket, chuck and short rib – which have high fat content that makes the patty ooze with flavor even though it is one of the thinnest patties on this list. It has the perfect all American toppings like slices of tomato, leaves of iceberg lettuce, sliced onion as well as the cheese that is the ‘cherry’ of the burger. This feels like the homemade burger your dad used to make in the backyard and it will keep you coming back for more.

  • Emily

Located of Fullerton Street, this is renowned for the ‘Emmy’ burger which is hidden gem amongst the multitudes of burger rhinestones. What makes the burgers here different is the pretzel buns, onions and the sauces used as a topping. With well cooked ingredients and well done fries, you really cannot ask for anything more.

  • Ox Cart Tavern

You’re looking for the best gastropub in Brooklyn? You need not look any further. If you’re looking for an alternative or option to the classic beef burger, this place has a variety of burgers at its ‘Burger Board’ that will have you wondering what to have next. From a turkey option to even a veggie option for the vegetarians out there to an ahi tuna burger, this place has it all. But if you’re a foodie and are looking for the best on the menu,

try out the half pound ‘Ox’ burger which is a burger classic if we ever saw one. Unadorned apart from a tomato slice, onion and lettuce and a good helping of ketchup, it’s all you really need.

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