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New York is not known for being a cheap city to live in. The rents can be astronomical, depending upon where you stay but food doesn’t necessarily have to be so. There are great places to eat in Brooklyn even if you have only a few dollars in your pocket.

If you want those few dollars to go far, but don’t want to compromise on the quality or taste of your food, here is a list of places that will tempt your taste buds without leaving you broke.

  • Battersby

Bon Appétit rated this restaurant as one of the best restaurants in America in 2012, but it still serves high quality food which you can eat without shelling out a whole lot. It has built up a reputation for serving up the meanest salads and its farm-to-table cuisine, epically the kale salad. Admittedly, the entrees aren’t cheap, with them being priced at $30,


but since Battersby is famous for its salads, it makes no sense not to try them out while you’re there. Although the kale salad is probably not available anymore, you should try out the Watermelon salad with shishito peppers and feta which is priced at $14. Even the summer squash salad is refreshing, with currants, basil and walnuts thrown in.

All for $15. If you’re going broke and want to healthy in a nice restaurant, Battersby is your best bet.

  • Luksus

Look what opened up in the back of Greenpoint beer haven Tørst – Luksus. Although its menu is tasting only, a great curated cheese plate is available at the bar which you can have with homemade dark Danish rye bread, pickled vegetables and olives. This is all for only $12. Add another $6 for an Evil Twin Yang and you’ll get a nice buzz along with the full tummy.

  • Parish Hall

Not all the restaurants in this list offer only salads. The patty melt is available for $15 and is absolutely mouthwatering. A full meal may set you back a pretty penny, but this dish marries a succulent beef patty with lamb bacon and melty cheese between slices of rye bread. With such a delectable combination,

it’s easy to see why this dish will be irresistible. Get the fires or salad along with this and your tummy will be content and very happy with you.


  • The Elm

They say eat breakfast like a king, and there’s no better place to do that than at The Elm. While lunch and dinner is equally delectable, you could order the lobster Benedict on a homemade crumpet or the Belgian waffles with maple syrup and blackberry butter. Is your mouth already watering? This sounds a lot more gourmet than a normal breakfast dish and all of this is between $14 – $19. This restaurant brings in famous chef Paul Liebrandt and all the food is supervised and has his personal touch of approval. This just means that you can get the best from the best and pay only a margin of the cost. How wonderful is that?

  • Prospect

This is one of five iconic Brooklyn Restaurants and this is one place where you can end up spending a fair bit or even one where you can sit down for a meal without going over your budget, From truffled deviled eggs for %5 or a meatloaf sandwich for $12, this is a place where you can sit and get a creative tasting menu that will leave you craving for more.

You should also take advantage of their Lobster Monday special for $19.95. Considered to be one of Brooklyn’s best restaurants, you’ll be in for a gastronomical delight.

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